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Make your Images Stand Out with These Must-Do Tips by Graphic Designers

With a few modifications in their design, Veteran designers can make simple images into vibrant attention-grabbing ones. A few tips will definitely help any designer to make his or her work standout especially these days when graphic design has become one of the most competitive industries.

Whether it is the font, the image used, or the spacing, a design can become into a much-loved graphics when done properly and creatively. Here are a few tips you could try on your next graphic design project.

  1. Make the text fit the page. First thing you need to do is tighten the line height and use line spacing so the entire text takes up the page. These methods create a block effect on the text. Pair the tightened line height with a transparency effect to give the font some texture. This way, although the letters take up most of the image, the background can still be seen through the letters.
  2. Use contrasting typefaces. To emphasize specific words, you can use a contrast of font types or forms. For example you could use a bold form, all capital letters to highlight the word “LOVE” in a design. Depending on the type of statement, you can use a font of color that further highlights it.
  3. Break the text correctly. For instance, the saying “Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country” will be added to a graphic design. You cannot place the word “Ask” on the first line then place “not what the” on the second line. This will sit badly with people who will see the design. You should always break the statement in a rhythmic pattern.
  4. Saturate the graphics to make it look fierce. Saturated photos often give that strong feel. Such filter type is used by a lot of Calgary graphic designers to produce a high-impact pictures.
  5. Patch strips of background from different images. This will put your design skills at another level. You can search for images that may have the same elements in them and create a mosaic-type outcome by cutting strips from this different photos and putting them together. Who says a graphic designer can’t be like Picasso?
  6. Create angles to your design. Sometimes it is not enough to use the block-type when posting a photo with a text. A more creative way to merge photos with text is to align the words in connection to the angles of the image. For example, the image has a slightly slanting component, you can make the text slanted as well to mimic the flow of the picture.
  7. For a subtle effect, increase transparency of elements. Transparent elements create calm to the one reading a text or staring at an image. An image in this design can be filtered with hazy effect and color can be adjusted to soft neutral tones.
  8. Use weird effects but make them work. To make your design more unique, you can use filters or bold types and themes that are not used regularly in the world of web designing. This way, people who have not seen such filters might find your design very interesting.

If you are looking to be added to the list of Calgary web designers, try doing the suggested tips. These will truly help you out especially if you are a newbie at web designing.